About US 


Our Story, Our Struggle
Peace Pipe Cleaners was founded by Coty White in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 11th, 2016.  At the time; him, his beloved girlfriend, brother, father, and mother lived in a slum, weekly stay motel.  Barely eating, and facing eviction every week, it was a depressing situation. They had recently moved to Vegas from Arizona. So only a couple of them had jobs, while the others constantly searched for one. After searching for a job, Coty would strategize business ideas in hopes of changing their lives. 
Eventually, while struggling to scrape resin out of a pipe, he came up with the idea of cleaning marijuana pipes as a business. He researched and experimented for about a week. By the second week he had a full proof cleaning method. He was quickly able to make any pipe, water pipe, or oil rig look and smell brand new. On January 11th, he created an ad on Craigslist advertising his service. Thankful as can be, he received a call from a customer the very first day. On July 12th, 2016, he added an online smoke shop where customers are able to get new items delivered right to their door, fast!
Coming from poverty, Coty and his partners learned the value of money and witnessed the greed that has been incorporated into so many businesses today.
We strive to be a non-greedy, righteous business by marking our products up to prices much less than our money hungry, corporate competitors. We also do this by offering our customers the chance to talk to an owner at any time. The good people who run this shop were raised with manners, respect, and good work ethic. These along with other virtuous traits, is what truly makes us different than other smoke shops. 
To Our Customers, Thank You For Supporting Our Dreams!
"Founded in the heart of poverty, we rose up to our standards.
With our hard work, dedication, and old fashioned manners."